At this point we want to report about the togetherness ...

Summer party at 01. and 02. July 2023

Our lottery prizes


Wheelbarrow • battery hedge trimmer • lawn mower • barbecue station • Seeds from Blumen-Peters • and much more.

We would like to thank our sponsors.

If you have any questions, please call 0157-72524400.

Program on 01.07. from 12:00 h

  •     Games for children
  •     face painting for children - at 14:00 - 16:00
  •     Garden lottery
  •     Food and drinks
  •     Music (own arrangement)
  •     Kindergarden-project opening at 15:00

Program on 02.07. from 10:00 h

  • Eel gnocchi - approx. 10:30
  • Food and drinks
  • Balloon figures - approx. 11:00 - 13:00
  • face painting for children - approx. 13:00 - 14:45
  • Cake - from 14:00
  • Music (own arrangement)
  • Games for children
  • Pony rides - approx. from 15:00

Dear garden friends,

we are planning a
»plant market« for the first time
on May 1, 2023.

Start 10:00 am, end around 1:00 pm.


©Image by Agata from pixabay

You can offer:

  • Plants, shrubs, bulbs, perennials, herbs, seeds that you have grown yourself or that are over in your garden.
  • Decorative items, but they should only be garden specific.
  • Gardening tools, planters.

Tasty sausage from the grill will also be available.

We hope for lively activity on May 1, accept this market and reward the vendors with plenty of interest and buying mood.

I ask for numerous registration of the sellers under my cell phone number:
0173 24 37 278 - Bärbel Lemke

Dear garden friends, dear guests,

we are planning our Summer Party this year after a 2 year hiatus due to the Corona Pandemic!

The summer party will take place:

  • Friday, 26.08.2022
  • Saturday, the 27.08.2022
  • and Sunday, the 28.08.2022

We are planning a great weekend for everyone. More details will be worked out and then posted.

The Board

Dear gardening friends,

on September 6th, 2020 our bike tour for the club members took place.  At 11 o'clock we started from the Laubenpieper / Cutters Rib House.  15 garden friends and guests did not let themselves be deterred from taking the planned bike tour in spite of the inconsistent weather. 


We started towards »Aue« in a good mood. Our destination was the “willow castle“ (Weidenschloss) in “Speckenbütteler Park“.  10 minutes drive we had to take the first break in the small floodplain forest because it started to rain. 


We took another break when we reached our destination, the “willow castle“.  There it was then unanimously decided that we deserved something to drink and so we drove on to the "Haus am See".


The benches and tables were cleared from the rain by the friendly staff. We started our way back to »Laubenpieper / Cutters Rib House« at around 1 pm. Here, garden friends and the Cutters Rib House team prepared “Bratwurst“ and French fries for the cyclists.


Everyone was fed up and had a lot of fun. The board would like to thank all the hard-working cyclists and helpers who made this beautiful day possible in Corona times. We also found it very nice that many gardening friends, who for various reasons could not help or ride, still eat and chat together 


THANK YOU and a strong "GUT GRÜN",

your board of directors


Sponorship wanted

 “Are you creative, do you want to get involved in the community work for the gardening association or do you have fun exchanging ideas in a group and implementing them?  Then a sponsorship is just right for you! "


That was the call for a sponsorship from the board of directors in September 2020.

We are still looking for sponsors for the “Naschgarten“ and the “Kirschenweg/Veilchenweg“ seating area, and sponsorship should last at least a year, or longer, of course.

Unfortunately, until now only the “GutGrünGirls“ have responded to this call.  You took over the sponsorship for the main entrance area in September 2020.


I more about the "GutGrünGirls" I

Fotos mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Bärbel Lemke, Bodo Hauswald und Manuel Szytel.

Tipps for the garden:

Change of parcel

Some parcels have changed hands again. 


We can say: INTEGRATION is really lived in our association! 


Coexistence does not always go smoothly. When the board of directors points out that our statutes are being adhered to, they unfortunately often have to listen to the answer: "You Nazis". 


The board of directors is certainly not!  We have made the experience: If you approach people and talk to them, you will (perhaps after a few initial difficulties) also find access to our new fellow citizens.

New playground

Thanks to the project of the seaside town Bremerhaven living in neighborhoods, we were able to apply for a not inconsiderable amount for the redesign of our playground and this was also approved by the award committee. 


The construction has been completed and the devices were "officially" included in the "game play" on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.


Gemeinnütziger Schrebergartenverein Bremerhaven e.V -
gegründet 1919


Van - Heukelum -Straße 24-30

27568 Bremerhaven

Telefon 0471 - 52446