Change of parcel

Dear friends of gardening !

Plots of land may not be sold by tenants on their own.
They are property of the allotment garden association!

For this reason, here is once again the sequence of steps which must be observed when wishing to sell your own allotment garden:

1. report the termination of the allotment garden to the board of directors. (Forms for this are available in the club office during office hours).

A notice of termination is (according to the statutes) only allowed 3 months before the end of the gardening year (November 30th). It must therefore be received by the Executive Committee by 30 August of the year in question at the latest.

Exception: A subsequent tenant is already known.

2. arrange a date for the expert valuation in accordance with the guidelines of the district association between the previous tenant and the board of directors.

3. the minutes of the valuation will be sent to the previous lessee or handed over personally.

4. presentation of the previous tenant and any new tenant already present during office hours in the association office. Here a new tenancy agreement is drawn up and the necessary costs are paid.

In the association's magazine GARTENFREUND (September 2017 edition) the procedure is also explained in detail on pages III and IV.

Annual costs

The annual fee is a uniform 80.00 €.

The annual rent varies depending on the size of the property.

For all plots with a water connection, a water price of € 3.00 per cubic metre consumed applies from the consumption year 2017.

In addition, a joint allocation of 1 cubic meter per year is made as compensation for shrinkage = 3.00 €.


According to the statutes, each tenant does community work on 2 Saturdays per year. In case of non-appearance, an amount of 20,00 € per hour will be charged.

Which plots are free or become free: Please inquire at the club office during office hours.

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