Board releases

Board holiday!

Dear garden friends, our board holiday will take place in the period from
04.07.2023 - 19.08.2023

From Tuesday, 28.08.2023 we will be back for consultation hours.

Community work will continue as planned.

In REAL emergencies, please contact the mobile phone number of the 2nd chairman, Mr. Frank Fuhrken: 017667106528.

Dear garden friends,

please think of the hedge trimming!

The "cosmetic hedge trimming" is still possible until the end of February, when the breeding season of our songbirds begins.  The hedge is to be shortened to a height of 1.20m to 1.30m.  These are the specifications for allotment gardens.

We will pay special attention to the hedge during the next inspection!

The board

08. July 2022

Dear garden friends,

We receive questions about the procedure of a valuation in case of abandonment of the garden by the tenant.
We hope we can answer some questions here.

Steps of the procedure:

  • Termination of the tenant and forwarding to the board.
  • Arrangement of a date for the valuation, date is proposed by the board.
  • Valuation is done by the board (valuation agent), usually 1 week later handover of the valuation protocol to outgoing lessee, if desired also to new lessee.

After a valuation there are always questions why the valuation is so low?

Our complex was founded in 1919, accordingly 80% of the garden houses are old, for these there is a prescribed depreciation per year of construction (index). In the case of very old houses, the valuation can quickly go into the red. There is an 8-page calculation for the entire valuation of all factors that make up the current value of the garden in the end.

A big shortcoming is in our garden area, that the 1/3 regulation (usable area, built-up land and lawn and flowers) is almost no longer observed. Thus the valuation turns out low, if only lawn and house are to be valued.

The valuation is also based on fruit trees, fruit bushes, usable land for growing and planting flowers, flowering shrubs and perennials and bulbs. If all this is missing, it cannot be assessed. Deductions are made in case of littering, visible damage to the house and if the state of maintenance of the entire garden is catastrophic.

We are happy to provide explanations on this during our office hours (2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm) if questions arise.

Before making improper comments in the garden community, please contact the Board with any questions and do not play BILD ZEITUNG.

The Board

26. June 2022

Board holiday: 19.07.2022 - 12.09.2022
From Tuesday, 13.09.2022, we are back to the usual speaking times for you according to the corona rules.

The community work continues according to plan!

From 13.09.2022 our talk time starts, but only after tel.  Registration and with an appointment in the time from 16:00 to 18:00, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday.  There is a maximum of 2 people per interview!

In case of emergency, please call mobile no.  0163 385 96 09 (H. Halfbrodt) during the period 16.07.-12.09.2022.

The board

01. June 2022

Dear garden friends,

Thank you once again for your trust in us, we will continue to act in the interest of all of you.

Changes requested by you and confirmed by a vote:


  1. From now on there will be a change in the quiet hours on Saturdays:
    From 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m., there will be a rest period at noon,
    from 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. work and lawn mowing are allowed.
    However, in the interests of all gardening enthusiasts, we ask that the issue be approached sensitively, lawn mowing is fine, but please do not necessarily carry out heavy and noisy work on Saturday afternoons!

  2. Increase of the membership fee from January 2023:
    At the Annual General Meeting on 22.05.2022, an increase of 20.00 Euros per year in the subscription amount was confirmed by vote.    This means that the increase will be as follows:
    From 80.00 Euro contribution per year to 100.00 Euro contribution per year.

Thanks for your support!


The Board

20. April 2022

Dear garden friends,

On Saturday, April 9th, 2022, an attempt was made to turn on the water in the garden area again.

Unfortunately, there was more damage that could not be repaired immediately.  So the water had to be turned off again.  We're on the repairs.  Asking questions will NOT speed up the repair!

Unfortunately, despite our request, only about 80% of the tenants were in the garden.  We were at times unable to get into the gardens to close or repair the plumbing.


As announced, we will share the loss of water that has arisen in this way among the tenants who are responsible for it.

The board

09. March 2022

Dear garden friends,

 Our annual general meeting will be held on
 05/22/2022 in the clubhouse »Der Laubenpieper«
 from 3 p.m.


Only active and passive members are entitled to vote.
Checks are carried out at the door by the security service for membership and COVID vaccination!  Please bring proof with you according to the then applicable CORONA guidelines.

 The board

We will turn the water on again on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022!

As was already mentioned in the letter to you in the envelope with the bill, we have to postpone turning on the water due to current temperature reasons, otherwise the risk of our outdated water pipes bursting would be too great.

Presence in the garden on this day is mandatory for reasons of documentation.  Please be in the garden from 9.00 a.m.!!!

Please close the valves and watch out for water leaks.
Costs for repairing damage caused after the water is turned on and water costs for the loss will be charged to the tenant who is not present.

The board

30. January 2022

Dear garden friends,

We urgently need your help, we often lack telephone numbers or addresses, which also exist at the moment!

An e-mail address would also be important, if available.  There are situations where we urgently need to contact you.

If we do not have a valid address or telephone number in the future and have to search, a processing fee of 10.80 euros will be charged.

The board

16. January 2022

Dear garden friends,


we wish everyone a Happy New Year 2022, hopefully good garden weather, nice interaction with garden friends and lots of fun gardening!

We would like to point out again the necessary cleaning and fluidity of our trenches in the garden area! Cleaning the drainage ditches is extremely important for draining rainwater from our gardens. Especially during longer periods of rain, like right now, the gardens are partially flooded because the water cannot be emptied through the silted and totally overgrown ditches. This work is not the work of the board of directors, but is to be done by the respective garden tenants.


We think everyone can regularly maintain a draft ditch that is maybe 2 m long.


From March 2022 our inspections in the garden area will start again, we will keep an eye on the ditches.

If someone is not able to do this work for reasons of age, maybe there is a nice neighbor who can help. You can also ask the board for help.

We ask you to continue to pay attention to the notices (especially the main box on Veilchenweg, Vereinshaus), the same applies to our homepage, where all important issues are published.

We wish everyone a nice and sunny garden year 2022

The board

Dear garden friends,


please pay attention when driving on the driveway to the parking lot at the Laubenpieper
Walking speed !!!!!!!
Think of our children and other walkers !!!!!

In the event of non-compliance, the parking lot will be closed!

Dear garden friends,


from 2022 we will have to pay more attention to the correct handling or termination of a lease agreement in the event of the death of a tenant.


According to the garden regulations, in the event of the death of the registered tenant, the lease contract automatically ends and the garden is returned to the association.


If relatives, mostly spouses, want to continue the garden, a description must be made. Costs for this: with existing passive membership (at least 1 year) 50.00 euros and without passive membership 100.00 euros.


We therefore strongly recommend entering into passive membership for the life partner / spouse when signing a lease agreement. Please also worry if there are no relatives what to do with the garden or to happen to the household effects after your death.


There is the possibility of a donation to the gardening association (donation papers are available from us in the association), or you have nice acquaintances who deal with the remaining belongings in your favor.


We are happy to answer questions on this topic or others in our office hours. Get in touch for an appointment.


The board of directors

September 2021

Dear garden friends,

Despite repeated requests in recent years to dismantle trampolines during the winter and to store them correctly, damage was caused during the last storm by flying trampolines that had not been dismantled.


The police and the public order office were alerted by neighbours!


This now has consequences:

Trampolines are forbidden to be set up in the entire garden area all year round!


We will have to wait and see whether claims for compensation for damage will be received; we will then write to the respective tenants who own the trampolines.


If trampolines are seen in the gardens again during the inspections by the board which are now beginning, a warning will be issued!


The Board

September 2021

Opening of the parking lot at the main entrance (Laubenpieper) Closed: Saturdays during community work from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Dear garden friends,

the parking lot will be reopened on a trial basis, we hope that everyone will follow our request in the future: walking pace, 5 km / h, no unnecessary driving back and forth!



The parking lot will be closed from 8.00 a.m. on Saturdays (start of the community work) until 12.00 p.m., after which it will be reopened. If there are vehicles in the parking lot, they can only be driven out of the parking lot after 12 noon.


If there is a special need to open the barrier for the delivery of wood etc. on Saturdays, there is the possibility to make an appointment with the board of directors under the number: 01577 2524400. Please contact us in good time.


Structural work on the parking lot and the road there are in the planning stage and will hopefully begin this year.


The board of directors

Dear garden friends,

For the first time, many thanks to everyone who stood by us with words and deeds in the past year 2020.
The new board was elected in the middle of the beginning of the corona pandemic and had a very difficult time. The contaminated sites of the past few years, the handling of damage in the entire garden area, especially the water supply, the catastrophic condition of some gardens and the establishment of a functioning community of all garden friends demands a lot from us!!
Since we are all still working, it was sometimes a tightrope between gardening and work. We all have a lot of fun with this board work, but we would also be happy to receive praise and recognition.
Unfortunately, all of our festivals and activities had to be canceled this year 2021 due to Corona. Which is very sad, since we are only so oversprayed with a lot of thoughts and ideas:
Summer festival, bike tours, fishing trips, children's parties, lantern parades, plant market, flea market, etc.
We want to strengthen our community again, for old and young.
We ask you once again to understand that we cannot solve every problem immediately, a will of self-activity must then also come from your side. ---- You can be sure that we will all do our best.----
!   !   !   !   !   !   !   !   !   !   !   !   !   !   !
In the event of damage that is not life-threatening, you do not need to inform the 1st chairman at night. It'll last until the next morning! In the event of damage in your own garden, water can be turned off at the main tap of the water connection.
We ask you to regularly maintain your water pipes and water meters on your own. If you cannot help yourself, you have to get a specialist. We also advise you to have your self-made cables made of garden hoses and adhesive tape fitted with appropriate pipes and fittings by a specialist. Unfortunately, this was ignored for years and now the plastic tubes are becoming porous or bursting. We then have to take all the way that it affects from the water supply to keep water loss down. Believe us, we don't want to annoy anyone or boycott coffee making !! But here, too, it takes time for repairs. The water pipes are very old and fragile. But the board can't help that !!! We always try to renew everything little by little. Which is also a cost factor!

A short list of our work in the garden area despite Corona:

  • Maintained free gardens

  • Gardens brought to leasable condition

  • Paths were repaired again

  • many conversations with garden friends.
  • The GutGrünGirls have embellished the entrance area with a flower island and an insect hotel, planted fruit trees, flowering and ornamental trees as well as spring flowers such as tulips, crocuses and daffodils, and set up rainwater tanks and bins.  The garden shed at the entrance area was painted.

  • We have completely renovated and painted the office space and bought new cupboards for the ever-increasing flood of correspondence.

  • Our workshop has been completely cleared out and reorganized.

We also attach great importance to getting in touch with the defaulting or suspicious tenants, finding solutions or preparing to terminate the lease.  This takes a lot of time and instinct.
Here, too, we would like you to treat us nicer.

In addition, the appraisals continued in the event of an urgent need (deceased or sick tenants) of the relatives.  Despite CORONA and quite a few downpours, we stood our man / woman.

Last year we called on you to sponsor some areas in the garden (maintenance, replanting according to your ideas - after consultation with the board).  Unfortunately, apart from the GutGrünGirls, there was no reaction!  Why???

We also need an "editor" who takes care of articles for the magazine »Der Gartenfreund«.  Short texts about activities in our garden, pictures, etc.

We wish you and us a hopefully soon sunny and warmer summer in our garden area.

The board of directors


Dear garden friends,

we need your help, your knowledge and your ambitions.

We would like to build a network with volunteers from our garden community for spontaneous support in the event of repairs, clearing of gardens, water damage, tree care and other garden-specific work.


Independent of age and gender !!!  Everyone is welcome!!!

Everyone has a skill or knowledge that is helpful to us.

Don't be afraid to call us!  Help is always welcome!

We would be very happy to hear from you.
Our chairman, Mr. Manuel Szytel, can be reached on weekdays from 4 p.m. for questions and suggestions.

We hope for a lot of reports!


Your board team

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